Services Provided by Dr. Carter
Training Workshops

Dr. Carter provides workshops for psychologists, other mental health professional, lawyers, the judiciary and interdisciplinary groups in the areas of:

  • Family Restructuring Therapy
  • Interventions with High Conflict Separated and Divorced Families
  • Coping with High Conflict Litigants
  • Child Alienation
  • Building Resilience in Children of Divorce
  • Staring and Operating a Private Practice In Psychology
  • Self-Care for Professionals

Dr. Carter also has done many presentations to professional and lay groups regarding:

  • School Violence
  • Child and Adolescent Assessment
  • Work-Life Balance and Stress Management
  • Grief and Loss

Other Services

  • Counselling (Child, Adolescent and Adult, Couples and Families)
  • Family Restructuring Therapy
  • Assessment (Psychoeducational, Behavioural, Personality/Parenting, Child Custody)
  • Evaluation of Opinions of Children and Teens in Separation and Divorce Matters
  • Parent-Child Reunification Therapy
  • Litigation Support
  • Consultation

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