Notes From the Back Cover
Family Restructuring Therapy: Interventions with High Conflict Separations and Divorces (2011)

This book is a “how to” manual for mental health professionals for working with families in separation and divorce using an active, directive therapeutic process called Family Restructuring Therapy. This philosophy and process works well for the “normal” divorced family (including the separated and never married)who needs to learn new practices and patterns, and for the “high conflict” family whose behaviour patterns have become so maladaptive that the children’s well being is at risk.

A key focus is:

  • Looking at the needs of the child within the family
  • Never losing sight of the fact the children need their parents to make tough decisions and act like adults
  • For parents to handle their divorce and co-parenting better than they did their marriage
  • Learn how to communicate, parent and behave appropriately.

A valuable resource for mental health professionals, and also for lawyers and the Court when trying to decide what can be done with challenging parenting battles. It is clearly not a passive approach to counselling.

If you’re tired of witnessing the damage that conflict has on children and want to engage in the highly satisfying work of helping parents communicate effectively and seeing children relieved of the burden of picking sides, devour this book and get to work.

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